Apple enters AR world with Vision Pro

by James M. Kahn
Apple Vision Pro

The world is moving towards AR and VR at a pretty fast pace. All major tech companies of the world are jumping on the bandwagon by launching VR and headsets but a major player named Apple was silent so far. The world was unclear if Apple Inc. is not interested in launching VR products or if they are working silently on something that will amaze the masses. The latter guess turned out to be true and on the 5th of June 2023, Apple Inc. announced their first Augmented Reality headset, Vision Pro. GadgetMag has the got the latest and amazing insights into the event and the product regardless of how the market reacts to the jaw-dropping features and the even more jaw-dropping price tag on the thing. Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks that Vision Pro is their stepping stone toward Spatial computing. Some influencers were allowed to have the first-hand experience of using the vision pro for 30 minutes but were not allowed to record the moments while using the headset. Let’s shed some light on what we have found out about the Apple Vision Pro. 

Vision Pro side angle

Vision Pro is technologically far ahead in almost every aspect when compared to its competitors. Starting with the physical attributes of the Headset, unlike the famous Meta Quest Pro and other headsets that are made of plastic, Vision Pro is made of metal, glass, and stretchy fabric. The main body frame is constituted of metal with a big 3D glass screen on the front and a stretchy fabric that sits around your eyes to give you a comfy feel and stop all the external light to enter inside and a stretchy fabric band on the backside for holding the headset around the head. What’s amazing and totally new about the Vision Pro is that the glass screen in front of the headset is designed in a way that it looks see-through glass which it is not. Unlike other VR headsets available in the market which have a simple white or black wall in the front, the eyes of the user on Vision Pro are visible to others from the screen which makes it feels like a simple see-through screen but it is actually a dedicated OLED screen whose only function is to show the world your eyes and on the other side there are dedicated cameras exactly for the same function. Under the OLED screen is hidden a cluster of cameras and sensors that includes front, downwards, and side cameras, a True Depth camera, a LiDAR scanner, and IR illuminators.


For Each eye, there is a stamp-sized micro OLED display that consists of 64 pixels in the same amount of space as 1 iPhone pixel and is packed with 23 million pixels. In simple words, that’s more than a 4k TV for each eye. Together, your eyes witness the most hyper-realistic vision possible so far. 

Vision Pro Features

How does it work?

Apple Inc. has introduced a separate and new Operating system for Spatial Computing and it’s known as VisionOS. The astonishing details will blow your mind. For the first time ever, users will be using their eyes, yes their eyes for scrolling and navigation while using Vision Pro. An influencer who used Vision Pro describes eye tracking as magical stuff. The way the sensors keep track of the moving eyes of the users and make it completely seamless to eliminate errors is out of this world. It needs calibration for the first use for a better experience.  

Vision Pro features

No Controllers


So far, the VR headsets announced or available in the market come with a set of controllers. The controllers help with navigation, gaming, and other stuff but for the first time, Vision Pro has no controllers at all. Users control the Headset function with three things, hand gestures, eye movement, and voice commands. Scroll with the eye, select with a hand gesture, and type with the speech-to-text function.

A Cinematic Experience


Watching a movie is fun on Vision Pro. Not only you can control the size of the screen from small to extra large you can also change the background environment around the screen. You can make it a multiplex cinema-like experience or an open-air screen somewhere near a lake while sitting at home. Vision Pro also gives a next-level gaming experience as if you are in the game. Seeing panoramic images and videos on Vision Pro takes you to the place where you took those panoramas.  

Face Timing on Vision Pro


Just like all other features Vision Pro takes video calling to another level as well. Face timing on the Vision Pro is easy and fun. But the question is if you are wearing the headset and not holding the phone, what the person on the other side is going to see? The answer is, that Vision Pro creates your avatar by scanning your face from the front cameras, and during the video call, the other side sees your hyper-realistic avatar and you also see the avatar of the person you are calling.



Vision Pro has no battery on the headset. Most probably to reduce the weight of the headset, the small cell phone-sized battery is kept separate and it connects to the device with a cable and you can keep it in your pocket or next to you on the couch. A fully charged battery can provide you with a backup of 2 hours if unplugged. If plugged in, there is no time bar. 

Connect a Mac to Vision Pro


If you are bored by working on a small screen, just simply look at your Mac laptop while wearing the Vision Pro and both devices will connect and a huge display of your laptop will appear in front of you to work on. 

Vision Pro Processor


There are 2 processing chips in the Vision Pro, an M2 chip for fast processing and seamless operations and a new R1 chip to remove a sort of lag so anything that is happening in the Vision Pro is hyper-realistic and also in real-time with no lag. 

As per the company, Vision Pro will be available for sale in the beginning quarter of 2024. Just like Vision Pro leaves all its existing competitors behind in features, it also leaves them far behind when it comes to the Price tag. Apple Vision Pro’s introductory price is set at a whopping $3499. The Apple CEO claims that the reason for the high price is the groundbreaking technology and surreal features that the Vision Pro provides. The talk of the town is that the heavy price tag will shrink the market for Vision Pro but the company is hopeful for record-breaking sales. Now only time will tell how the market responds to the features and price. Please keep reading and supporting us on




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