ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold: Laptop with endless possibilities

by James M. Kahn
Asus Zenbook 17 fold

It’s been a while now since computers are around us and thanks to a bunch of hi-tech companies, computers are constantly evolving since the time they are around. Recently, the world witnessed foldable screen technology in cell phones and people were awestruck. Foldable screens make big devices portable and portability is the key. However, foldable screen technology was not introduced in computers/laptops till now. Recently, ASUS became the pioneer in manufacturing foldable screens in Laptops and introduced ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold. An astounding device that can change several shapes in a matter of seconds and is a full fledge high-power computing machine.


ASUS Zenbook 17 fold has several work modes. It has the world’s first 17.3 inches foldable HD OLED screen with a 4:3 display with a detachable magnetic keyboard which also has a touchpad. So it becomes a whopping 17.3 inches tablet when you unfold it and removes the keyboard. Fold it like a laptop and attach the keyboard, it will become a high-power laptop with a 12.5 inches OLED screen with a 3:2 display. Modes change automatically by the way when you attach or detach the keyboard. Unfold the screen, use the keyboard with wireless/Bluetooth technology and it works like a portable PC. You can also use it as a book in reader mode. Get a soft copy of your favorite book and read it like a normal book in reader mode. The main body has a kickstand on the back to hold it for you in PC mode. You can also enjoy your favorite movies and TV Series on a 17-inch screen which is quite a big screen to carry with you. 

Asus zenbook Versatile modes

Now let’s talk about the specs. Normally, we see that such devices are underpowered and can’t be used for heavy workloads like designing, video editing, and stuff but the Zenbook 17 fold by ASUS is different. It has a very powerful setup. Zenbook 17 fold has a 12th Gen Core i7 processor with high speed 1 TB SSD and 16 GB LPDDR 5 ram. Running on the latest Windows 11 pro. The graphic setup includes powerful Intel IRIS Xe graphics. The 75 Wh Battery works all day long with 9 hours of 1080 HD video playback and an easy USB type-C charging facility. Four high-power speakers on the sides with Dolby Atmos with smart amplifier technology for surround sound. A color sensor to read the light and color temperature in the surroundings and provide the best color and lighting combination to the user. A 5 MP AI camera with 3D NR technology for flawless video calls and face recognition for face login and much more. In short, it is a device with impressive work modes supported by a powerful processing setup. Click Here to know more about ASUS Zenbook 17 fold OLED. Follow us on Facebook for the latest gadget news and reviews. 

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