Beats Studio Buds Plus might have a launch date in May 2023 with improved features

by James M. Kahn

Apple’s Beats Studio Buds are rumored to get an upgrade, which is happening sooner than you think. While Apple did not officially announce the new launch but some inside news and an accidental pre-order listing online spilled the beans before time. Not only that but information about the new colors, features, and pricing also surfaced which we are going to share exclusively with our readers.


The new Apple Buds are named Beats Studio Buds Plus as per the information shared by Apple Insider recently. The information coming in from different sources has confirmed the launch of Beats Studio Buds Plus. On Tuesday 25th April, Apple introduced a release candidate of Apple iOS and iPadOS 16.4 to the developers to give them insights into the new operating system that will be released to users soon. So, while exploring the operating system some developers got a tip about the model numbers of the new audio accessories referring to new wireless Pods. However, this never gives a piece of solid evidence that the new model numbers of audio accessories are referring to Beats Studio Buds Plus. But another strange happening gave us a clue that what we are thinking is right. Actually, on the night of 25th April, Beats Studio Buds Plus was listed on Amazon for pre-order and there was a delivery date mentioned. The listing got removed after a while but left us with lots of information. 

beats buds pro

Now let’s discuss the rumored features. There are around 5 to 6 changes in the new Plus version of Beats Studio Buds. The microphones on the new Plus version are 3 times bigger and more powerful to enhance your voice quality whether you are talking on the phone on taking notes. Another first-time feature that might be included in the Buds Plus is venting. There will be vents on the ear pieces to remove air pressure so that the buds could be used for longer periods of time without any discomfort. Though the design and size of the charging case are the same as the existing version, the Buds Plus version will have 36 hours of battery life as compared to the 24 hours of the existing studio buds. Active noise cancellation is said to be improved 1.6 times to give users a better experience while listening to music and talking on the phone. Ear tips of different sizes small, medium, and large will be included in the box. Alongside the 2 regular colors that are Ivory and black, for the first time, Apple is offering a new transparent variant in which all the innards will be visible. The pictures that have surfaced on the web are pretty interesting but nothing is official so far.

The price that was mentioned in the pre-book listing was $169 and the delivery date mentioned was May 18th, 2023 i.e. some 20 days from now. Let’s see if the listing on Amazon was a marketing gimmick or a reckless mistake. We will have to wait to find out. Are you guys switching to the new Beats Studio Buds Plus or sticking with existing wireless audio gadgets? Let us know in the comments and keep reading our content to support us. For more updates, news, and reviews, please like and follow us on Facebook.  

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