Counter-Strike 2: A Sudden Surprise for FPS Game Lovers

by James M. Kahn
Counter Strike 2 Poster

Your favorite childhood game and the pioneer of FPS games Counter Strike is getting a massive upgrade. In a sudden move on Wednesday 22nd of March, Valve Corporation, the makers of Counter-Strike have announced that Counter-Strike GO, also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is getting a free upgrade to Counter-Strike 2 and it is happening sooner than you think. Though the move was unexpected, there were some rumors at the start of 2023 about the valve being ready to announce its next project. The company claims the game will be released in the summer of 2023. It will be the fifth installment in the Counter-Strike series by Valve. The last major installment of this series, Counter-Strike: GO was launched in 2012 so after almost a decade there is a new upgrade. Being one of the oldest FPS games, Counter-Strike has millions of lovers across the world and they will be pleased to know that their favorite game is evolving with them.

Counter Strike 2

In 2012, the fourth installment of the series CS: GO was launched which was developed on Source Engine, a gaming development engine owned by valve. Later in 2015, Valve announced the successor of Source Engine by the name of Source Engine 2 or Source 2. So CS: GO was developed on Source Engine while CS 2 is developed on Source 2. This means CS 2 is going to have cutting-edge graphics, accuracy, and faster processing. 20 years in the business, the developers believe that the Counter-Strike maps are their real legacy and they have decided to redesign the same maps with wonders of Source 2. The developers have come up with 3 different approaches toward the maps.

Touchstone Maps

Touchstone maps are unchanged classic old maps that will only get better lightning and character read and will actually help the gamers to find out changes and differences between the gameplay of CS: GO and CS 2.

Upgrade Maps

These maps are going to get all the Source 2 enhancements like physically-based rendering technology which will produce much more realistic graphics, lightning, and reflections.

Overhaul Maps

These are the old maps that will be completely redesigned from scratch in Source 2 while keeping their originality alive.

Counter Strike Maps

One more thing which the developers are emphasizing is smoke grenades. In a team match, smoke grenades play a vital role in tactical planning. Therefore, the developers have evolved the smoke grenades and made them dynamic. The smoke grenades create 3D volumetric impressions that are very close to reality. All the players from different angles will see the same smoke and the smoke actually interacts with environmental factors in interesting ways. For example, the smoke will react to lightning, fills a certain area in a natural way, and smoke could be pushed and carved with bullets and other grenades. In short, the smoke grenades with the help of Source 2 are designed to provide many more tactical opportunities to the players.

Counter Strike Graphics

The game has already been made available for selected players across the globe in a soft launch or testing mode. The rest of the world will have to wait to download Counter Strike 2 and play it but the good news is the waiting will not be for too long. As the gaming world is constantly evolving and getting new gadgets every day, some players have tried Counter Strike GO VR or virtual reality headsets but never liked them as the graphics were not good enough. Hopefully, the new installment keeps up with the modern gaming world’s expectations. There is not much information available about the Counter Strike 2 online gameplay. Either the game is going to have the same Counter Strike Go Danger Zone like online playing mode with the latest graphics or something new. As more information unfolds we will share it with our readers and followers. Please keep supporting us by reading our content.   

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