Removing a Dolphin Pool Cleaner Models from Your Swimming Pool: A Step-by-Step Guide

by James M. Kahn
Dolphin Pool Cleaner Models

Introduction: Dolphin pool cleaner models

Pool cleaning robots have been a great invention in recent times for those who have swimming pools in their homes. They clean the pools from all kinds of unwanted stuff like leaves, algae, dirt, and debris and keep the pools clean and clear. There are quite a few companies selling pool cleaning robots but one of the best among all of them are the Dolphin pool cleaning models. With a huge customer base Dolphin pool cleaner models are topping the list of market share.  The higher the number of customers, the higher the problems customers face while using dolphin pool cleaner models. One question that we are going to answer today is when and how to remove dolphin pool cleaner models from the pools. We will guide you in the easiest way possible.

Dolphin pool cleaner models in general and all the pool cleaners are designed in a way that leaving them underwater once they are done cleaning is not recommended. They are waterproof but to an extent and every model has a specific time period that it can spend underwater. After that, it is recommended to remove it. Moreover, pool cleaners are also required to be removed to clean the filters and empty the dirt and debris chambers, other maintenance, cleaning, charging, etc. So it is recommended to remove the pool cleaners from the pools once they have completed their cleaning session.

Step 1: Power Off

First and foremost, you need to power off the dolphin pool cleaner models. Water and electricity together are a big potential hazard so it’s very important to turn off these electrical devices before removing them from water and becoming in physical contact with them.

Step 2: Retrieve the Dolphin Cleaner

All the dolphin pool cleaning models are designed to roam freely into the pool cleaning its floor and walls and collecting dirt and debris. So to remove them from the water first it is required to locate them. This is very easy as the pool cleaner is connected to a bright-colored floating cord which connects the pool cleaner to the power supply.

Step 3: Pull The Pool Cleaner with Floating Cord

Hold the bright-colored floating cord and pull it towards the edge of the pool very gently. Yanking it forcefully can damage the pool cleaner. The pool cleaner will start moving towards the edge slowly. Wait till it reaches the edge of the pool to your closest point.

Step 4: Remove the Cleaner

Once the pool cleaner reaches the edge of the pool, you need to bend down and hold and lift it from the handle that is specifically designed to remove it from the pool in all dolphin pool cleaning models. Remember that the pool cleaner will be full of water and therefore heavier than its actual weight so deal with it carefully to avoid any damages. If the water level in the pool is low and your hand can’t reach the handle, do not pull it up with the cord. Instead, use a retrieving hook which is available in the market.

Step 5: Clean the Robot Cleaner

Once you lift the pool cleaner up from the water, Tilt it from front to back to remove all the water from it. Then open the filter chambers, empty them into a trash bin, and put them back for another use. Also, give a thorough look at the brushes, filters, and other components for any debris stuck or any other visible hazard.

Step 6: Inspection and storage:

After removing the dolphin pool cleaner models from the pool and cleaning, it is recommended to inspect it for any damage. Give a look at all the sides and components to check if there is any wear and tear. If you see a crack or something of this sort, it means it needs a repair and maintenance service. Also, check the cord for any damages. If everything seems to be OK, Store the pool cleaner in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight until you need it again. Taking proper care of the dolphin pool cleaner models will result in a long-term and satisfying work life.

Conclusion: Dolphin Pool Cleaner Models

Removing the dolphin pool cleaner models from your pools is an upfront procedure if the steps are followed properly. Always ensure your safety by powering off the electric supply and handling the pool cleaner with care. Proper care, maintenance, and cleaning of dolphin pool cleaner models can increase their work-life significantly so that it can keep your swimming pool sparkling clean. We hope this article helps our readers to keep their pool cleaners up and working for years to come. 

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