GPT4: Artificial Intelligence just got a big upgrade

by James M. Kahn

A few years ago, the term Artificial Intelligence was unknown. Most of the world thought AI has something to do with robots and that robots will be taking over the world someday. Well, we still cannot say anything about it but right now in the year 2023, AI has taken shape, and it’s impressive and spooky at the same time. Yes, we are talking about GPT 4. The revolution in the world of technology is going to impact the lives of the masses in good and bad ways. On November 30th, 2022, a company named Open AI which is dedicated to excelling in the AI world launched ChatGPT which is a ChatBot. In a simple chat interface, the user inputs a question, a piece of information, or a request, and the entity on the other side answers or completes the request on the basis of a body of knowledge in its access. Sounds like a childhood cartoon named Courage the Cowardly Dog. ChatGpt was a free platform open for the whole world to use. Users from across the world used chatgpt and it did wonders for them. In the background, Open Ai was working on the successor of chatgpt silently which is much more powerful, accurate, and intelligent. Less than a quarter of a year later on March 14th, 2023, Open AI launched GPT4.

GPT4 is way ahead of ChatGpt in almost every aspect, we will discuss those differences

Database Parameters

ChatGpt has database parameters of 175 billion whereas GPT4 has database parameters of 100 trillion which is roughly 3000 times bigger than ChatGpt. Well, metaphorically if using ChatGpt is like fishing in a pond, using GPT4 would be like fishing in the Pacific Ocean. With such a huge body of information and database, GPT4 will be miles ahead of ChatGpt in problem-solving, answering complex questions, and giving quick and accurate responses.   


ChatGpt was only able to take text input from users and gave output in text form whereas the GPT4 is a multimodal interface and will accept text, images, audio, and videos as input and also will be able to give output in all four formats. This revolutionary upgrade can lead to unlimited possibilities. A video presentation on the open AI website shows GPT4 taking an image of a hand-drawn website design and converting it into an actual website. The simplest website needs hours of coding in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS whereas GPT4 did it in a few seconds. Likewise, there are uncountable possibilities with multimodal input upgrades.

Text Handling

ChatGpt has the capacity to produce and handle 3000 words of text whereas GPT4 has the capacity to produce and handle up to 25000 words of text which makes a movie script to be written or a movie script to be converted into a movie with GPT4 possible. It is also much more creative to be able to edit as well as modify and iterate over technical tasks and writing tasks.


Complex Problem Solving

GPT4 could be trusted with its ability to solve complex problems. ChatGpt had more probability of error therefore sometimes it could not connect the dots whereas GPT4 can become your child’s tutor to help him solve advanced calculus problems and chemical reaction stimulation.

Reduction of Error

The team at Open AI says they spent six months making sure GPT4 makes the least errors. They claim GPT4 is 82% less likely to entertain requests made for disallowed content like fake news, biased responses, and political statements and 40% more accurate in giving correct and factual responses as compared to its predecessor.

Linguistic abilities Intelligence

Unlike ChatGpt, GPT4 has the ability to understand and generate different dialects and respond respectively. It can also understand the human emotions expressed in the text input. ChatGpt and GPT4 both have taken several aptitude tests like LSAT and Uniform Bar Exam and GPT4 has outperformed ChatGPT at all of them significantly.

Chat GPT vs GPT4

The race to top the AI competition is on top and all the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and others are working hard to take the first spot. Google is developing its own version of ChatGpt which is named Bard. Microsoft, on the other hand, has decided to make a massive investment of $10 billion in open AI, the company behind GPT4 stead of creating its own product to compete with Google. This move will take Open AI’s total evaluation to a whopping $29 Billion. Microsoft will be entitled to 49% of the company’s share after this settlement. This might be another chance for Microsoft to try its luck in the field of web search which is completely dominated by Google. 

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