Insta 360 Flow: AI Powered Gimbal with Unlimited Possibilities

by James M. Kahn
insta360 flow AI gimble

In the past few years, video recording and Vlogging trends have changed drastically and we have seen new gadgets and inventions for providing assistance in videography. One such invention is gimbals. Gimbals are used widely for videography across the globe with professional cameras and cell phones. Till now, the main purpose of gimbals was to help videographers and vloggers to record their videos with accuracy and stability and to avoid shaky and imbalanced footage. But Artificial Intelligence is adding more and more value to day-to-day technology and we are seeing things changing at a pretty fast pace. Now, Gimbals are more than just a tool to stabilize videos. They do more than that, a lot more. We
are going to introduce to you one such smart Gimbal today so if you are looking for the best camera gimbal for vlogging, please keep reading. Insta 360 is a globally renowned Chinese company for making 360-Degree cameras, 180-Degree 3D cameras, smart webcams, and image editing software for cell phones and desktops. Its headquarter is stationed in Shenzhen China with offices in all major cities of the world. Insta 360 has launched a good lot of 360 cameras and other accessories but for the first time, they have launched an AI-incorporated Gimbal for cell phones and its name is Insta 360 Flow. 

Launched in March 2023, Insta 360 Flow is already available for sale in the market and on their website and it has impressed the first users with its abilities and functionalities. It is a smart device that can be carried inside a small pouch along with all its accessories and the fun part is that the pouch is also given with it in the box. Insta 360 Flow is packed with a lot of remarkable features. Let’s shed some light on some of the notable ones.

Salient Features

1-Step Deployment and Portability

The device is super easy to turn on. You just need to unfold the gimbal and there it is. Ready to use without even pressing a button. The small size of the gimbal makes it very easy and handy for traveling. Instead of big bags and holders, only 1 small size pouch can carry complete gear.

Deep Track 3.0

This is where Artificial Intelligence makes the difference. The deep track 3.0 gives
unlimited potential to Insta 360 Flow. Years of research and development have made possible the best subject-tracking algorithm which helps keep the subject in the frame and in focus with pinpoint accuracy. If the subject moves out of the frame, the gimbal tries its best to keep it in the frame by moving in the direction of the subject and zooming out automatically. If the locked subject hides behind another subject or object and then comes back into the frame, AI will immediately locate the subject and start working from where it left off.


4 Shooting modes for full control

Insta 360 Flow has 4 recording modes for shooting. Auto, Follow, Pan Follow, and FPV. Auto mode is the most beginner-friendly mode. In auto mode, the gimbal basically adjusts the settings according to the situation itself and allows the person to shoot. In the Follow mode, the gimbal closely follows you and keeps you
centered. Best for vertical shoots from a view to a subject. The Pan Follow mode is best for a horizontal shoot and 360-degree subject recording. The FPV mode gives you full control to shoot drone-like footage with full stabilization.



Professional Video Creation Modes

Insta 360 Flow has unbelievable cinematic video recording modes which give you full control over camera movements and speed controls with the Insta 360 App. The Time Shift mode lets you record unreal time-lapse videos with the camera on the go. Motion Time-lapse options let you take a time-lapse shot while the recording device is set to move from one point to another while being static on its axis from example from left to right. In barrel roll mode, use the smart wheel to move your phone in a barrel roll style while recording to take an FPV kind of shot. You can also shoot Ultra Wide videos for cinematic touch and can shoot 360, 240, and 180-degree panoramic shots and 3X3 photos.



Smart Control Panel

Insta 360 Flow has a very fancy sort of control panel that consists of touch-sensitive buttons to change the recording modes, a smart rotating wheel for zooming in and out, and a soft and sleek joystick in the middle to manually steer the gimbal in the desired direction.

3-Axis Stabilization

All the gimbals stabilize the recording devices, but Insta 360 Flow does it in the most modern and smart way. The gimbal has a total of 3 points for absorbing the shocks and jolts between the handle and the device holder and this trait of the Flow totally eliminates the risk of destabilizing the video. No matter in what conditions the gimbal is been used, it will give you smooth, accurate, and stable footage. 

In-built Tripod and Selfie Stick


Now, this is the most amazing feature of the Insta 360 Flow. Most probably the first-ever gimbal which comes with a built-in selfie stick and tripod. It totally eliminates the need for a helper to hold the gimbal for you with these features. If you are going to cover an event where you have only one pass to enter, it is totally OK if you have Insta 360 flow. Extend the selfie stick and start recording yourself or if you want to record yourself from a distance, just pull out the tripod stand and you are good to go. The subject locking feature of the gimbal coupled with the tripod stand gives another liberty to move while recording yourself on a tripod. If you encircle your face on the screen of your phone, your phone camera will follow you and keep you in the center of the frame for a perfect video shoot. 

Attachable Smart Flashlight for shooting in the dark

Insta 360 flow comes with an attachable smart flashlight for recording in low light or dark environments. The flashlight connects to a perfect point on the phone holder. The flashlight has 3 light color temperatures that can be changed with a button to cool, moderate, and warm. It also has a button to adjust the brightness from low to medium and high. Another distinctive feature of Insta 360 Flow.

Long Battery life with Power bank


The Flow comes with a 2900 mah battery with a running time of a whopping 12 hours. With one full charge, you can use it all day. Not only that, if somewhere in the middle of recording your phone runs out of battery, you have a power bank at your disposal. Just connect your phone to the gimbal via a USB cable and your phone will start charging. Isn’t it amazing?

In short, Insta 360 Flow is a marvel of AI and a full fledge vlogging companion that can do wonders for you if you put your imagination to work. So Insta 360 Flow is your best choice if you are looking for the best iPhone gimbal for vlogging. Insta 360 Flow is available for purchase worldwide. If you want to buy, know more about the product, or want to know the price please click HERE.

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