iPhone 15 about to launch. What’s New and what’s not ?

by James M. Kahn
iPhone 15 all variants

It is July 2023 already and we are getting closer to the launching dates of the iPhone 15. As we are getting closer to the launching dates, we are getting tons and tons of rumors circulating on the web, and that is not a new thing. After all, iPhone 15 is the most anticipated phone going to hit the market this year. We waited and researched to get the most authentic information among all the rumors for our viewers the same way we did for iPhone 14 and here it is.


So, as per the sources, The all-new iPhone 15 is not going to have any Major changes in its shape and design and the basic structure is going to be the same which has been adopted since the iPhone 11. The length and width of the phone are almost the same yet some rumors suggest that there is a very slight change. The iPhone 15 and 15 plus models are going to have the same aluminum chassis with a slightly different outer surface. However, The 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models are rumored to have a titanium chassis with a glass back. All the models of the iPhone 15 will have the dynamic island unlike the iPhone 14 where only the Pro and Pro Max model had it. Some other major changes are as follows. The bezel in the iPhone 15 is narrowed down to 1.55 mm as compared to 2.17mm which is a 28% reduction. The edges in the iPhone 15 will be curved and smooth as compared to the pointy and flat edges in the 14 models. 


Just like the rest of the body structure, buttons are not completely changed but there are small changes. The set of Power, Volume, and Action buttons will stay in their old places but this time there will be solid state buttons that will not move when pressed but will stimulate clicking noises when pressed with the use of the taptic engine as Apple uses on their MacBook’s solid state trackpad. Instead of two separate buttons for volume, there will be one long button that will work on both ends. One major change in the buttons is that there will be no Mute Button in the iPhone 15 anymore and it will be replaced by a new Action Button which the user will be able to use as per the requirement by assigning it a shortcut of their choice. 

New Buttons

Charging Port

Apple has always kept its phones stand out when it comes to ports and cables but for the first time in eleven years in the iPhone 15, their famous lightning port is going to be replaced with the USB-C port. This major change was not deliberate. Instead, some regulatory requirements pushed Apple to make the change. 

USB Type C Charging port


Some reports are saying that Apple is going to use the latest Sony image sensors in the cameras of iPhone 15. It is claimed that the Sony image sensors have the ability to absorb twice as much saturation signal in every pixel as compared to the regular image sensor. This will allow the camera to capture more light and help the camera to take crisp shots even in higher backlight. Another rumor by a trustable source suggests that Apple is going to introduce a Periscope lens in the Pro Max model. The Periscope Lens will give the ability of 6x to 10x optical zoom to the iPhone camera which is a lot and will make a huge difference. 


The iPhone 15 and 15 plus models are set to have the A16 chips which were included in the 14 Pro and Pro Max models which means the 15 and 15 plus models will have the processing performance equivalent to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models. However, the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models are going to have the new A17 chips which are Apple’s latest creations made on a 3 nanometer processor. The A17 chip will improve the processing performance by 10 to 15% and will reduce power usage by up to 30% which will definitely improve the battery life of iPhone 15.

new color 15 Pro max


The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models are getting 2 new colors which are Dar Pink and light blue with their 3 standard colors which are White, Black, and Product Red. Whereas the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are going to get a first-time exclusive Dar Red color as per the rumors.

all colors iPhone 15



As per the rumors, the iPhone 15 is going to be for $799, and the 15 Plus model going to be for $899. It means that the prices for the base models will be the same as 14 and 14 plus. However, there is no idea what will be the prices of the Pro and Pro Max models. Some reports suggest that the prices of Pro models will be higher because of the titanium frame, Periscope lens, A17 chip, and solid-state buttons.

The iPhone 15 is going to be launched in September this year. The most authentic information so far which is obviously not official was gathered, reaffirmed, compiled, and shared with our readers. For more information, please keep visiting.

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