Is Instant Gaming Legit? GadgetMag’s In-Depth Exploration and Verdict

by James M. Kahn
Is Instant Gaming Legit

Is Instant Gaming Legit

Created in 2015, Instant Gaming is changing the business model of sales and distribution of video games worldwide. Just like continuous innovation and digitization are changing the face of obsolete business tactics in all walks of life, Instant Gaming has come forward to do so in the gaming world. However, whenever innovation occurs in decade-old business methods, the change agents have to face a lot of market skepticism. In the same way, Instant Gaming has been facing the same situation for a couple of years now. Every potential user is asking the same question. Is instant gaming legit? In this article, we will shed some light on the way Instant Gaming is conducting its business and are the users who doubt them are right or not.

Years ago when the world was not taken over by digitization, people used to buy CDs of their favorite games from the authorized dealers in their cities. But now, things have changed. No matter what gaming console one is using, let it be a PC, PlayStation, X-Box, or Nintendo, games are been downloaded from the internet, and the activation is also been done online. But in all that scenario, Instant Gaming started selling genuine activation keys at less than half of the rates available with official distributors. This marketing gimmick started attracting gamers from all over the world. That was obvious, why should someone pay 100 dollars for an activation Key when it is available for 25 Dollars on Instant Gaming? When gamers from around the world saw incredibly low prices, they started feeling like they were being scammed. The reality however is different.

Is Instant Gaming Legit

Instant Gaming is managing to sell activation keys at such low prices because they are buying the keys in 100s or maybe 1000s in quantity at one time from the distributors. So they can get great deals from the official sellers. Plus, buying in bulk puts them in a strong position to negotiate on the prices. One more trick they use to cut down on the already low prices is that they buy activation keys from those regions of the world where tax rules are very lenient and there are little to no taxes on the purchase of activation keys. The third and most important trick they are playing is that they are earning very low margins on sales. This tactic is also exposing the fact that distributors earn 200% plus profits on a single sale to direct customers. Now it is very easy to understand how the Gaming industry is grossing billions of dollars in profits every year even crossing Hollywood blockbusters in terms of profits.

 In their defense, Instant Gaming has been working since 2015 but has not been alleged of scamming or fraud from any part of the world which is only possible in one way when they are not doing any scam. There is always a small percentage of users with bad taste due to some reason but the 4.7 Trust Pilot rating is more than satisfactory. They hold offices in the biggest business hub of the world Dubai so they are pretty much accessible physically and it is not easy for someone to scam people while sitting in Dubai because of strict rules and regulations.

Is Instant Gaming Legit

Frequently Asked Questions about Instant Gaming

  1. Is Instant Gaming Legit?

Yes, Instant Gaming is 100% legit. All the activation keys are acquired through proper channels from official sellers. There has been no complaint against them regarding copyright infringement, pirating, spyware, or scamming in the last eight years. Just a little buzz on the internet that cannot be evaluated and verified if it’s based on real events or just a tool of negative marketing.

  1. Where is Instant Gaming Head Office Located?

Instant Gaming Head Office is located in Dubai UAE. The company that owns Instant Gaming is Aliasing DMCC and it is registered in UAE under the official law of the country. The exact address of the office is also available on their official website. 

  1. Is creating a user account on the website necessary?

Yes, to purchase a product key from the website and receive it in the “My Orders” section, it is necessary to create an account on the website. Moreover, in case of any problem in using the activation key or any other complaint regarding services, opening a ticket is not possible without having an account on the website.

  1. Are the CD Keys Official?

Instant Gaming Guarantees the sale of official CD activation Keys. All their products are purchased from the official sellers.  All the cards are scanned from the official original cards. The list of authorized sellers of activation Keys includes EA Origin, Rock Star games,, steam, NC soft, Ubisoft, etc.

  1. Is it possible to get a refund

Yes, if the activation key is purchased but not used due to any reason, it can be returned and the refund can be obtained from the website. The website has a refund policy and the refunds are made accordingly. However, the company might need a time of 1 week to 10 days to confirm if the activation key was used or returned unused.

  1. How are the after-sales services and troubleshooting?

After-sales services department will look into any problem faced by the users and resolve them. Most users complain about the activation key not working. The support team will check and tell, where the problem lies.  If it is on the end of the website, they will resolve it instantly and if the problem lies at the user end, they will guide the users completely to troubleshoot.

  1. How many times a CD key can be used?

There is no limit to using the CD Key. Once a key is used with the game on your user account, it can be used for unlimited times and the game can also be re-downloaded unlimited times. No need to buy the card again if you maintain your registered account on the website.

  1. Are the CD keys valid worldwide?

No, every country has its regulatory authority regarding the import/export of the games. However, this is not the case always. Sometimes keys work from different locations. All such information is available for every game and can be accessed before making a purchase.

We have tried to answer most of the frequently asked questions and we hope that this article provide  help to our readers. 

Is Instant Gaming Legit

Closing: Is Instant Gaming Legit

So to conclude, after closely analyzing the business model, it can easily be said that Instant Gaming is a legit platform to buy Games and activation keys and they can be trusted with advance payments. There is no harm in buying games from them. Once you bought an activation key from them, it will stay yours and could be used unlimited times. A lot of users have gotten their refunds in case they wanted to return their keys unused and there have been no major complaints whatsoever against them from any part of the world.

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