Logitech K480: Wireless and Multidevice Keyboard

by James M. Kahn
Logitech k480 keyboard

Keyboards are an integral part of computers since the inception of computers and to this day in the modern era, no other input device has replaced them. Keyboards have changed many shapes since the typewriters and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes from flexible/rollable to on-screen touch device keyboards. And from where we see, keyboards are here to stay. This is why the market leaders in Keyboard manufacturing are always doing their research and development for the sake of giving the users the best experience. Today we are going to talk about one very unique keyboard which will definitely be a very useful gadget for many people who work on multiple devices at the same time. We are going to talk about Logitech K480 Wireless Multiple Device Keyboard.

Logitech K480 multiple connectivity

As the name indicates a lot about this modern gadget, Logitech K480 is a wireless keyboard that can connect to multiple devices at the same time. Yes, it can connect to 3 different devices at the same time and it is so device friendly that you can connect it to a cellphone, a laptop, and a tablet. The three devices that you want to connect to the Logitech K480 could be all cellphones, all laptops or all tablets, or any combination of these three devices simultaneously. Any device which has Bluetooth connectivity can connect to it which means you can connect pretty much any modern-day device to it under a distance of less than 10 meters. Now the question is how it works with three devices at the same time. The answer is the Easy Switch Dial. The keyboard has an easy switch dial on the top left corner. Let’s say you have connected three devices to the keyboard and you want to switch from one to another, you just rotate the dial from 1 to 2 or 3 and there you go, the keyboard will switch from one device to another and the changeover is pretty quick and seamless.     

Logitech K480 device changeover knob

The compatibility of the keyboard is amazing. Logitech K480 is compatible with Android OS, IOS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Mac OS so simply it can go with any and every device. All sorted out about connectivity and compatibility so what’s left, Power! The Logitech K480 is powered by two AAA batteries that come within the package and the work life of these batteries is up to two years which means no worries about the power as well. The design of the Logitech K480 is very compact. The space-saving design allows you to keep your mouse closer to you which results in less arm-reaching effort and better posture. Another very important feature is a cradle on the top of the keyboard. This Cradle is to hold the devices at the right angle for your work that you have connected to the keyboard. Cell phones and tablets which are up to 0.4 inches thick and up to 10 inches wide can fit in the cradle. Logitech K480 weighs 1.8 pounds so it is travel friendly. The durable and spill-resistant design makes it a tough boy so small bumps and falls never hurt it. 

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