Meta Quest 3: Next Big Thing in the VR World

by James M. Kahn
Meta Quest 3

Virtual Reality (VR) is making news all around the world these days. It is changing the way we interact with the digital world. Major tech companies like Meta, Sony, Apple, and others are pouring a lot of resources like time and money into Virtual Reality to come up with even better products to leave their competitors behind. Just a week ago Apple also jumped into the competition by announcing Vision Pro. Meta, the former Facebook, has already made significant strides in the VR market after launching Meta Quest Pro and has announced their next VR headset which they call Meta Quest 3. There is very limited information available about the specs of Quest 3 and the company has kept most of the stuff for revealing at the Meta Connect Event on the 27th of September this year. This article will, on the basis of available information, delve into the technical specifications and improvements that Meta has made in their new VR headset and what new possibilities Meta Quest 3 brings to the table which others have not considered. 

Design and Comfort

Meta Quest 3 will be 40 % slimmer as compared to its predecessor Meta Quest Pro. This reduction in size will definitely improve the comfort level of the headset and will enable the users to wear the headset for extended VR sessions. The company has also improved the device by using lightweight materials and by better weight distribution for reduced strain on the head and face of the user. A better hood around the optic area made of soft elastic fabric makes it comfortable for the eyes and the area near the eyes. The adjustable head strap has been redesigned in a Y shape to maintain balance and hold the headset in place with a better two-point harness. On the downside, there is a volume knob, a charging port (which is not confirmed yet), and an IPD adjustment knob for adjusting the lenses according to your eyes for the best experience. 

Display and Optics

The Meta Quest 3 has a lot to offer when it comes to technical specs. There are 3 identical capsule-shaped areas in the front. People are calling them pills. 2 pills on each side contain 2 cameras a black and white camera for tracking and 1 4 megapixels full-color RGB camera for color pass-through which means a total of 4 cameras and a depth sensor in the middle that performs infrared scan for creating a depth perception for state of art Mix Reality experience. There are 2 cameras on the downside side for IR tracking of the space around the user. If we talk about technology and capabilities, the overall camera unit is said to have 10 times more pixels than its predecessor Quest 2. A journalist named Mark Gurman working for Bloomberg had the experience of using Quest 3 and he said he could easily read the screen of his phone and check the time on his watch. Quest 2 lacked such detailed vision. There is no confirmed news about the display lenses. Some rumors are circulating in the tech forums that Quest 3 will have Pancake lenses with a dual display. Means a separate display for each eye. Some rumors also claim that Quest 3 will have an LCD screen with a Display resolution of 2064*2208 with a refresh of 120 Hz as compared to the 1832*1920 display of Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3 Specs

Processors and Performance

The processing chip in the Quest 3 is a Snap Dragon XR2 gen 2. Quest 2 had the same chip but it was an XR2 Gen 1. The makers have said that the XR2 Gen2 has twice the processing speed of Gen 1 which leaves us with a clue that Meta Quest 3 is going to have a massive processing power and it will enable the Quest 3 to run the games which require high specifications very easily.   


The controllers are pretty much similar to the Meta Quest Pro and the Meta Quest Pro controllers will be fully compatible with Meta Quest 3. The controllers have no tracking rings and cameras so it’s hard to understand how the controllers will be tracked. But a company official in an online meet-up confirmed that the controllers will have infrared tracking lights. No confirmed news about the batteries of the controllers. Whether they will be in-built rechargeable ones or AAs. 

meta quest controllers

Headset Compatibility and Battery life

The Meta Quest 3 headset is said to have been compatible with PC games. There is a type-C port to connect the headset to the PC. Quest 3 also supports Wi-Fi 6E which means more bandwidth to work with. It is actually beneficial for the streamers for better streaming via air link. The battery life of the Quest 3 is said to be 2 hours which is the same as the Quest 2 but the Quest 2 had lesser specifications than the Quest 3 which means the battery has been improved.

Price and Availability

Starting price of the Meta Quest 3 is $499. The word starting here is signaling that we will have more than 1 variant based on internal space or maybe this is the price of the Headset without accessories. This will be confirmed later. The Meta Connect event is set to take place on the 27th and 28th of September this year where the Meta Quest 3 will be officially launched. As far as availability is confirmed, if we see the sequence of the past launches, the products launched in the Meta Connect Event are available for sale within the time of 3 to 4 weeks.


The information provided above contains some pieces from unofficial sources so the final product might have some specifications different than the article. We will keep our readers updated with any official news we get. Please keep visiting and reading. 

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