Meta Quest Pro: Highly anticipated VR Headset by Meta.

by James M. Kahn
meta quest

In Late 2021, the globally renowned CEO of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg informed the world about his mega plans to step into the world of Metaverse in Facebook Connect 2021. He did that by changing the name of the biggest social media company in the world from Facebook to Meta. Sounds pretty ambitious.  Along with that, he also unveiled his plans to introduce new gadgets and devices that would help people enter the world of Augmented / Virtual Reality. We are going to discuss one of those gadgets which is known as Meta Quest Pro. An AR/VR headset that will take you to and steer you through the Metaverse. 

Meta quest pro

The Meta Quest Pro is still not in the market But Mark Zuckerberg has leaked some information about it by himself in a podcast early this September. He said that Quest Pro will be announced in Meta Connect 2022 which is scheduled in October. It’s not that Quest Pro is the first ever VR headset to be launched but the world is curious because no one seems to be more ambitious than Mark Zuckerberg when it comes to virtual reality. The company has not unveiled much about the most anticipated VR Headset but we have gathered some reliable information through our trustable sources. However, the final product may vary from the given details.

Meta Quest Pro headset

Previously known as “Project Cambria” or “Seacliff” The Quest Pro will be a smarter and ski goggle-shaped headset unlike its predecessor Oculus Quest 2 which was a square-shaped thing that covered the forehead and eyes. The Quest Pro will be the first VR headset that will use the Pancake lenses, a technology that reduces the distance required between the eyes of the user and the display for focused and clear vision. 2.48 inches Dual Tianjin 3 OLED screen panels with 2160*2160 Pixel resolution for each eye.  It will run on the same processor as Quest 2 which is Snapdragon XR2 5g. RAM on this thing will be a whopping 12 GB LPDDR5 with 256GB of storage and a 5000 MAH battery. The unique selling point for Meta Quest Pro is ten different sensors for Face tracking, hand tracking, eye tracking, IR constellation, depth, and pass-through tracking.  

The package will contain the headset, 2 6dof controllers, a charging device, and a user manual. Price estimates, however, are not very pleasing. As the leaked details have shown that the price of Meta Quest Pro maybe somewhere around $1500. Compared to Oculus Quest 2 which was at $399 and some great VR headsets in the market at around $800. We have to wait to see if the leaked details are accurate or not. All eyes are on Meta Connect 2022 event next month. 

Update: Meta Quest Pro is now available. Please Click Here for the prices and other details.


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