Nikon Z8 Rumors, News and Facts

by James M. Kahn
Nikon z8

The world of photography is getting technologically advanced at a very high speed. Every day, we see global leaders in camera manufacturing coming up with better, faster, and sharper photography devices. Mirrorless cameras are one of the latest innovations in this regard. All the major market players are providing mirrorless cameras but today we are focusing on mirrorless Nikon cameras. Nikon, a big name in the photography world has constantly been working on mirrorless technology. The Nikon Z series is specifically for mirrorless cameras. There are a few cameras pending release in the market for a long time that are termed as the best of Nikon cameras. Today, we are going to discuss prices, specifications, and other information about one of those cameras that are rumored to hit the market very soon. That is Nikon Z8. 

Nikon z8 base

The Nikon Z8 and another model known as Nikon Z6 III are now rumored to hit the market for over 2 years now as Z8 could be the biggest release by Nikon in 2023. Different reliable sources said that the long-awaited cameras could not be released because Nikon was not been able to manage the sourcing of the parts from third-party manufacturers. After taking a hit from the market in the Covid-19 era, unlike its competitors, Nikon was at the low level in the Market cap with around $3 billion which hurled problems in research, development, and parts sourcing. Now, the news is that Nikon is finally ready to launch their next big camera. They have already finalized the design and in fact, some of the reports imply that the Nikon Z8 has already been provided to some important people in the photography community for example Thom Hogan, a renowned author on photography shared a picture of a Christmas gift with the title Z8 on it. In another instant, A Twitter user reported that a major Nikon distributor from China told him that she was invited to a company meeting in March 2023 and this usually happens before a new model of camera is introduced to the market. The recent update on the release of Z8 which is in the spring of 2023 also matches the timeline of this extraordinary meeting. So experts are really positive about the news of the release of Nikon Z8. 

Nikon z8 camera Sensor

Now that most of the factors point toward the definite release, let’s shed some light on the Nikon Z8 specifications and price. The Z8 will be an SLR-style mirrorless camera and a more refined version of the Z9 body with no grip. The Z8 is said to have a 61.2 Megapixel full-frame stack CMOS Sensor with a higher megapixel sensor to compete against Sony and Canon. A fully articulated LCD screen and dual CF Express slots are also expected to be included. The Z8 seems to be a mirrorless version of Nikon D850 and will be a Semi high-end camera. Some of the notable rumored specifications are


·         61.2 Megapixel FX-Format CMOS Sensor

·         Dual EXPEED 7 Image Processors

·         10 FPS continuous Shooting, ISO 64-25600

·         UHD 4K/60 Video, N-log and 10-Bit HDMI output.

·         240 MP High-Resolution Mode

·         567-Point Phase Detection AF system

·         5-Axis in body vibration reduction


There are no leads and reports on the pricing of the Nikon Z8. However, we have some close guesses. Some of the specs and available information indicate that the Nikon Z8 has been designed to compete with the Sony A7R V in 61 Megapixel brigade, one can ascertain that prices will also be in competition with the Sony A7R V which is between 3800 and 4000 dollars. With that being said let’s wait and see if the speculations and rumors turn out to be true. Please keep reading at


All the information and pictures provided above are based on unofficial reports, speculations, and rumors. None of the information is official and may differ from the official information. We will keep you updated about every official lead we receive. 

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