Factors Affecting One Time Pool Cleaning Cost

by James M. Kahn
Pool Cleaning Cost

Owning a swimming at home is a dream of a lot of people. However, owning a pool comes with a handsome cost. Swimming pools need frequent maintenance. Maintenance mainly includes cleaning the pool and the water in it. On average, yearly pool cleaning cost by a professional pool maintenance company is somewhere around 1400$ with the lowest range of 1050$ and the highest range of 1850$.


Since swimming pools come in all sizes, shapes, and materials, the figures mentioned above just make a good estimate. You can have a completely different bill for your pool cleaning because the cost depends on quite a few factors. Read this article for a detailed analysis of the factors affecting pool cleaning costs and great tips to reduce pool cleaning costs. 

Size and Shape of the pool

The biggest and most important factors that play a role in increasing or decreasing pool cleaning costs are the size and the shape of the pool. Most of the professional pool cleaning companies charge the pool owners by per square foot method. The higher the square feet of a pool, the higher will be the pool cleaning cost. The depth of the pool also matters because the walls of the pool are also covered in the cleaning process. Moreover, the size also makes an impact. Square or rectangle-shaped pools are normally considered easy to clean, whereas circle-shaped, amoeba-shaped, and others are considered difficult to clean and take more time and effort. 

Pool cleaning chemicals

Cleaning Frequency and Chemicals Required

How frequently you get your pool cleaned is another major factor affecting pool cleaning costs. Outdoor pools require more frequent cleaning whereas indoor or covered pools require less frequent cleaning. On average, an outdoor pool requires at least one session of deep cleaning in a month along with frequent manual cleaning and skimming sessions. The chemicals required for maintaining pool hygiene are also important. Chlorine/bromine, algaecides, pool sanitizers, and pH level balancing agents are to name a few. 

Types of pools

Just like sizes and shapes, there are different types of pools as well and they can heavily impact your pool cleaning costs.

In-Ground/Above-Ground Pools

The most common type of pool is in-ground pools and normally, all the equipment, tools, and pool cleaning costs are designed while keeping in-ground pools in mind. However, the same equipment and cost designs are also
applicable to above-ground pools as well with a little alteration.

In-Door/Out-Door Pools

Pretty clear by the names that indoor pools can be kept safe from natural polluting factors like sand storms, rain, winds, etc. whereas outdoor pools are vulnerable to all these therefore they have higher pool cleaning costs. It’s possible that you get your pool cleaned one day and the next day the pool receives a sand storm.

Natural Ponds


Natural ponds require the least maintenance. Just a filter that cleans the water and a circulation system for the water which keeps the water in the move and saves it from being stagnant.  

Pool cleaning Robot

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Hefty Pool Cleaning Costs

DIY (Do it yourself)

Cleaning a pool is no rocket science. If you are planning to build a pool in the backyard of your house but are afraid of the maintenance and pool cleaning costs. With a little self-educating by watching videos on YouTube and a little training, you can save yourself a hefty 1,500 to 2000$ a year while enjoying the luxury of a pool at home. It’s just that you will have to spare a few hours every 10 to 15 days, some tools like pool brush, pool skimming mesh, pH strips, some chemicals, and willingness to burn some calories.  Now the choice is yours. Either you spend money and watch it getting cleaned while sitting on the couch or save the money and do it yourself.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are a one-time upfront expense but they can save your outdoor pool from a lot of polluting factors. Sand storms, rain, high winds, wild animals polluting the pools, leaves, and debris going into the water, etc. thus cutting your pool cleaning costs by a lot. There are several types of pool covers available in the market you can choose from.

Pool Cleaning Robots

One of the most incredible inventions of recent times is the pool cleaning robots. They are known by many names like pool vacuums, pool cleaners, etc. Ranging from 250 to 2000$ based on features and technology, Pool cleaning robots are another tool to save you from massive pool cleaning costs.

They are also a one-time expense with a little periodic maintenance that can
save you from spending big bucks cleaning your pool. 
We have tried our best to list all the factors that can take up or take down the pool cleaning costs for your swimming pools. We hope that this article helps our readers to make a decision about their plans for swimming pools. 

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