Top 3 Smart Speakers with Voice Assistance Under $100

by James M. Kahn
Smart Speakers

Smart homes in today’s era are in popular demand and everyone wants to convert their homes into smart ones. And why not? Smart homes are the best gift of technology. One can control their home and gadgets with their voice. From lights to air conditioning, everything could be controlled whether you are present at home or not.  There are many components that work together to convert a simple home into a smart home. We have shared complete details on smart home devices which you can read here. One of the many components is smart speakers with voice assistance. Smart Speakers with voice assistance act like controlling devices that allow the users to control all the smart devices, play music, and get information, all with just voice commands. Today we will list the top three smart speakers and their specs available in the market.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is one of the most popular choices for smart speakers at the moment. With improved sound quality and built-in Alexa, makers claim it is the best and most efficient Echo Dot so far. Echo Dot paired with Alexa can control lighting, fans, thermostat, and cameras.  You can set routines for dimming or brightening the lights with clock settings, turning off and on the lights with motion detectors, and setting temperature to be controlled with sensors. Echo Dot is already equipped with Hub so it can control Zigbee-compatible devices. No need to buy a hub separately. Device pairing enables one to connect to compatible Echo devices in different rooms for surround sound. Create a home theater system with Fire TV. A small device can do so much. Echo Dot will keep your privacy and won’t share your personal data with anyone. Echo Dot is priced at $45. Bundle purchases have different prices. 

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen

Next on the list is the Google Nest Hub. Another popular smart speaker with active voice assistance. Google Nest Hub comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display which gives Nest Hub an advantage over Amazon Echo Dot. Along with voice commands, the device can be controlled with touch and gestures. The Nest Hub uses Google Assistant for voice control. With just a wave of a hand, you can control a lot of things like playing or pausing music, answering calls and doorbells, and snoozing alarms. Nest Hub partners with YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and lots of other platforms to fulfill your daily dose of entertainment. Nest hub can control all the smart home devices with easy gestures, voice commands, and set routines. Lights, thermostats, Wi-Fi routers, doorbells, and indoor and outdoor security cameras to name a few. When you are away from home, Nest Hub will keep an eye on the home and notify you if its sound detector senses an unusual sound of glass breaking or a smoke alarm. Nest Hub has a button to deactivate the mic if you need privacy and deleting history is also very easy. Google Nest Hub will cost you $99 for the basic device. Other add-ons might change the price.   

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple homePod Mini is our next smart speaker. It is the smaller version of the original HomePod. The small-sized speaker provides a powerful and high-quality audio output. Apple HomePod uses Siri voice assistant to take voice commands from the users. More than one HomePods connected with each other can provide a home theater-like sound quality. HomePod Mini can be connected to any Apple devices from TVs to iPhones and others. HomePod Mini can recognize up to 6 different users so that every member of the family can give the voice command. The Apple Homepod Mini can be used as an Intercom if there is a HomePod Mini in every room of the house. You can interact with your family members in other rooms of the house. With 5 beautiful colors, Apple HomePod Mini is designed to fit in the aura of your room/home. Apple HomePod Mini will cost you $99 for a basic device. There are a lot of add-on options available.


Among a lot of options available in the market, we bring you the most affordable ones so that you can convert your home to a smart home without going out of your budget. Furthermore, instead of purchasing all the components at one time, you can also purchase one item at a time and there are also financing options available. For more details please keep visiting and reading  

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